• The center is approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.
• The center accepts all students, male or female, irrespective of their religion or nationality.
• The center awards certificates approved by the Ministry of Educational after successful completion of the complete course.
• The center provides separate classes for female students with female teachers if required.
• The center is equipped with modern educational aids. (audible and visible)
• All classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with educational aids.
• The center has a library including many books, cassettes and videocassettes.
• The number of students in each class does not exceed 12.
• Working hours are from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. every day except Friday.

Residents visa:

It is easy to obtain a tourist resident visa in Egypt for one year from arrival date and can be extended.
The center will send a representative with the student to avoid any routine problems while obtaining the resident visa.

Resident visa fee:

Approximately 10 EURO per year.


The center will arrange for furnished apartments near the center if required on condition that the center is notified not later than 1 week before date of arrival in Cairo .

Apartment prices :

Starts from 100 EURO up to 600 EURO monthly according to furnishings and location


The center provides educational tours, accompanied by a specialized Arab guide to show students through historical monuments in Cairo, Alexandria, Tor Sinai, Ismailia and Suez.
In Cairo Students may visit the following places
• Pyramids and Sphinx.
• Egyptian Museum.
• Salah El Din Citadel.
• Famous mosques such as Sultan Hassan, Mohommed Ali, El Refai, Ahmet Ebn Tulon, El Azhar ElSherif, El Emam El Shafy Amr Ebn Elass.
• Historical churches built before Islam.
• In addition there are Nile Tours and countryside Tours.
In Alexandria students may visit The Following Places
• Kydbey Citadel.
• El Bosery Mosque.
• El Morsey Abu El Abbas mosque.
• Spend a day on the Mediterranean Sea.
In Sinai the student may visit :
• The mountain that the prophet Moses stood on when Allah spoke to him.
• Saint Catherine's Abbey .
• The Pharaoh's bath.
• Ain Mosa.
• Red Sea Shore.
In Ismailia and Suez
The student may visit many historical places in addition to enjoying a pleasant day by the sea shore.
With regards to Aswan and Luxor, which cities are in the south of Egypt, they contain the largest percentage of historical monuments in the world but because of the distance and expense the center will only arrange tours to these cities if a large group together make such a request.

Prices of Tours :

Inside Cairo 20 EURO for one day tour approx.
Outside Cairo daily rate from 30 EURO to 100 EURO according to destination
Center Activities and services offered