Canada is second largest country in the world in terms of area and Canada suffer from a small population in spite of the enormous natural wealth And the vast area of Canada and the limits of the three directions are the three oceans Atlantic and Pacific and the Arctic Ocean and is bordered by the southern United States of America
Canada is one of the seven major industrial countries and one of the world's most developed and economically developed and most economical for job opportunities in all areas

Level of education and health services in Canada is the finest in the world in addition to education and health services are free

Features provided by the study in Canada
1. You can improve efficiency in the English language.
2. Gives the student accommodation throughout the study period
3. Allows the student study room in diverse fields likes the study by
4. The provision of adequate housing and near the university and cheap with free internet service
5. The study in the largest and most famous universities of Canada opens up the field work in the world's first
6. A student may work legally
7. Expenditure on education is less than the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia and New Zealand
8. Lack of skills and many of the jobs in Canada will help you to find good jobs too and get a permanent residence in Canada


Terms of attending university and obtaining a visa

1- Obtain a certificate of another qualified
2- Bank certificate of the student
3- Bank account to the guarantor of first-degree relatives
4- Birth Certificate
5- Certificate of work


Canada is looking for a better future