Tourism in azerbaijan republic

Azerbaijan: land of fire! Land of Zoroaster! Land of extremes! Land of hospitality! Land of culture! Land of beauty! Azerbaijan has been known as all of these things. Azerbaijan is the land of fire and Zoroaster because of the vast oil reserves in and around Baku and in the Caspian Sea. The Zoroastrians came here because of the mysteriously flaming earth caused by escaping gas. Land of extremes: Azerbaijan has nine of the earth's eleven climate classifications – from arid to subtropical. Its landscapes range from desert to dense forests. Anyone who comes to visit Azerbaijan finally understands what Eastern hospitality really means and finds himself amongst a people that extend genuine warmth to visitors and welcome them into their home and country.
It is certainly the land of beauty and some of the world's most beautiful landscapes can be found in Azerbaijan, as well as stunning works of art whether it be rugs, paintings or architecture to name a few. Many would argue that Azerbaijan is also home to some of the most beautiful people found anywhere, and after witnessing their kindness and warmth, it's hard not to agree. As part of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan has often mistakenly been considered part of Russia by many in the western world. Azerbaijan is not a part of Russia and its people are for the most part not Russian, but Azeri with a different culture and history. Talishes, Lezgies, Georgians, Kurds, Avars, Tats, Jews, Russians, Tatars and other ethnic groups also contribute to the cultural mosaic of Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan's official and most frequently spoken language is Azeri, a Turkic language, but Russian and English are also spoken in and around Baku. Azerbaijan is a secular state, which guarantees full religious freedom to all its citizens. Shiite Islam is the principal religion and the majority of citizens are Moslems, but the Christian, Jewish and Bahai minorities co-exist with them in complete harmony. Since regaining its independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has been on a steady road to join the rest of the world's nations both economically and socially. In 1994, the "Contract of the Century" was signed opening Azerbaijan's doors to the International oil industry, and thereby to the rest of the world. After the document's signing, nine other oil contracts were signed and the rush for Azerbaijan's black gold was on. Business started booming as oil companies began drilling for oil and working on the various pipelines. It is only natural that tourism would follow. Azerbaijan also lies on the ancient Silk Road making it a natural destination for tourists. Azerbaijan is a beautiful country. Its people are warm, friendly and hospitable. Azerbaijan is one of the cradles of civilization. Thousands of natural and archeological monuments attest to the fact that this area was home to civilization more than 15,000 years ago. Azerbaijan's natural setting paints a bright picture of golden beaches washed by the warm waters of the Caspian Sea. Green, dense forests with cool mineral springs and a multitude of flora and fauna harmonise with the picturesque Caucasus Mountains, rock formations and crystal clear lakes. The level of education and culture enjoyed by the people of Azerbaijan is awe-inspiring. Religious and cultural traditions, arts, poetry, literature and certainly mouth-watering cuisine are all part of the daily life of the Azerbaijani citizen. Of course, the hospitality of the people is a phenomenon that can hardly be matched by any other. We invite you to come and experience this beautiful country, its cultural and natural riches and to get to know the extraordinary warmth of its people! Hope to see you in Baku!


We can provide next services: all transfers and ground transports (car, boat, motor-launch) interpreters, full board accommodation in houses, unlimited quantity of meals during all period (special cook, fruits, vegetables, juice, Fanta, Cola, etc), very good English speaking guides – men and women (for bridgewatching), including unlimited quantity of birds, fish. All hunting permissions, weapons (shotguns), licenses, binoculars, portable radio, tents, harpoon gun, hunting suit, fishing rod etc.

We can offer you eight kind of hunting:

1. “Dagestan tur” (mountain goat).
2. Water fowling birds (duck, goose etc).
3. Stone partridge (keklik), pheasant
4. Wild pigeon, dove
5. Chamois (mountain goat).
6. Caucasian Bear
7. Wild Boar
8. Wolf, Fox, Hare (night hunting)

underwater hunting

We organize underwater hunting and fishing in the Caspian Sea, mountain rivers and lakes in Azerbaijan. Water clarity is about 15-17 m. The Caspian Sea is a safe place for underwater hunting, as there are no sharks as well as poisono us snakes. Areas: Persagat ridge and Aljt (60 km from Baku). There are 53 spices of fish in the Caspian Sea. Underwater hunting is carried out on grey mullet, kutun, sazan and barbel on the depth of 2 or 4 meter. Experienced hunters and guides will be glad to help you. We provide many areas of fishing (lakes Sarysu, Aggyol, Redlake, Kura river delta, Kyzylagach, Hachmaz, Caspian Seacost, valley forests etc). You can find following fishes in our rivers and lakes: mountain trout, pike perch, sazan, sheatfish, silver carp, white bream, salmon, bream, omul, pike, carp etc. We guarantee fresh and salubrious mountain air, appeasement and rich haul to you.


Azerbaijan has 365 types of birds. One from most power migration ways (from Eastern Europe and Western Siberia to Middle East and East Africa) across Azerbaijan. 22 species of Azerbaijan birds included in Red data Book of the World (IUCN). 36 species included in National Red Data Book, 3 types of Caucasus endemic. You can watch next birds: eagle, falcon, Caucasus tetra, woodcocks, stone partridge, Turaj (francolinus), wild pigeon, ducks, geese and so on.

Mountain tourism

This adventurous program includes tours to the